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Pristine Pearls: 3 Reasons Why These Gems Are the Perfect Way to Pay Tribute to Mum This Mother’s Day!

Is your search for a perfect Mother’s Day gift in full swing? Feel free to stop and have a read. We have highlighted the top 3 reasons to stop what you are doing and grab the perfect pearls for the perfect parent right now!

First and foremost, to understand the beauty of a pearl you have to understand the science. Known as one of nature’s most spectacular creations, it is said that pearls find their beauty when the water merges with the moonlight. To get the perfect pearl, an oyster must be nurtured in the most pristine conditions for up to four years. When that stunning stone is ready harvesters use patience, precision and poise to gently extract that pearl from the oyster and ensure it can keep on producing. In several cases, a pearl necklace is made from pearls harvested from the same oyster.

The second reason to put your search to a stop is the most substantial. Creating the most amazing gifts for a loved one DOES NOT need to cost one million dollars! We are human, we love to pamper people and most of us get great fulfillment from being generous. It’s entirely possible to get the most glorious pearl jewellery without mortgaging your house or selling a limb. You don’t need to search very hard to find the most dazzling deal, I PROMISE!

And in typical fashion, the last reason is the MOST IMPORTANT. If you love the Mother in your life and think the world of her, there is no better way to show her. To pull this off and make it special, you’ll gift your Mother the most exquisite set of pearls, paired beautifully with a handwritten note that details how grateful you are all without blowing the budget! It really is the perfect way to pay tribute to Mum.

Your search for the greatest gift ever is finally over, you have an opportunity to browse a wonderful range of high quality, handpicked pearl jewellery and create a magnificent moment that will last a life time. We are firm believers in pearls for all! Be it all occasions or all people it quite simply doesn’t matter. Mother’s Day is no exception, make sure Mum feels the love this year and let us help you secure the sweetest gift possible!

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