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About us

We are on a mission to provide quality yet distinctive jewellery at great prices while combining excellent customer service and despatch times. We want to produce jewellery that does not break the bank yet is desirable. With many ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews. . Quality Jewellery Great Prices. Only at Vayo.

The Vision

Our mission is to not only make pearls affordable but also educate the customer, provide the knowledge of types of pearl used, its size and relevance to the every customer that comes to Vayo. We believe only after educating you about the pearl you will realize and appreciate the importance of keeping a real pearl. Once you know this, you will treasure the pearl for the rest of your life!
In terms of customer service, We believe in going out of the way for our customer, We are so confident in our products that we guarantee 14 days return no questions asked policy. We will respond to all customer queries within 24 hours of receiving them. We value and thank you for being a part of Vayo. So when you are buying Pearl Jewellery – Think Vayo Think Pearls.

At Vayo we have one vision which is quality pearls for everyone. We take advantage of our supply chain management skills to bring pearls from the source to you and cut any costs associated in the middle, We are able to offer you one of a spectacular nature’s creation in Pearls for you to enjoy. We believe in #pearlsforall therefore everywhere on our website you will see a retail price and a Vayo price. We believe in disrupting overpriced market and ensure that we give you a valued purchased both in the price and quality spectrum.
Pearls are the only gem that is developed inside a body of a living being, it could take 4 years and more to get a south sea pearl. It is so spectacular that it never loses its beauty and can be used in every kind of jewellery.

The Vision

Why Choose Vayo Pearls for your pearl jewellery among so many retailers and sellers?

Vayo Pearls are CPAA Certified (Cultured Pearl Association of America) Pearl Specialists. Founded in 2018, We aspire to produce only pearl jewellery that is not only INCREDIBLE but also AFFORDABLE.

We want you to buy your Pearl Jewellery with confidence, hence we ensure every pearl that comes to you is REAL and passed STRINGENT quality and AUTHENTICITY checks.

We do not have a retail store and are able to pass on all savings to our customers to enjoy a valued purchase.

What is the benefit of that?

We pass those SAVINGS directly to you for you to save, So you can appreciate a quality pearl jewellery at a fraction of the price, While we maintain and not only meet the quality, We ensure that through our due diligence we keep sourcing the quality pearls and the jewellery that you aspire and expect, traditionally associate it with historic retail stores. To explain you further at Vayo Pearls – We Live pearls, We offer high quality, competitive price Pearl Jewellery. Customer first is part of our DNA and We show that through the eyes of our happy customers, from sourcing the pearl to the jewellery, than the packaging, Vayo guarantee and free delivery worldwide. We go extra mile every single time to ensure that you do not have to pay a fortune to own this beautiful piece of jewellery. Our pearl jewellery is handpicked for its quality and finish, priced very carefully to ensure we provide “value”purchased and at the end of the day give our customer excellent satisfaction from the purchase. “We want to make a change how you buy quality pearls and make them affordable, valued and loved”.
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