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Handmade Set of Raw Emerald in its Natural form in Italian Silver


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This is a beautiful piece of jewelry made entirely by hand, its design is in silver with a beautiful Colombian emerald in its natural form, therefore, it is a unique piece, it is part of a collection of handcrafted sets. The emerald is a mineral with gem quality, it is a highly valued gemstone, the emerald joins to its especially intense green color the property of being transparent or at least translucent, and its greater brightness when polished. Its name, possibly Persian, means green stone and its tonality has given its name to the emerald green color. This set is light and designed for the captivating, protective, persistent and determined woman. This gem corresponds to those born in May, it is compatible with the zodiac signs of Cancer, Taurus and Gemini. The emerald gem is associated with financial stability, wealth and abundance, it is also believed to strengthen vitality and protect relationships, its mesmerizing green color is a symbol of good fortune, rebirth and youth. A fact, the gem quality emerald is found in large quantities in Colombia, since it is the world’s leading producer of gem quality emeralds. The trapiche emerald, found in some mines in Colombia, deserves special mention because of its strange star shape due to the crystal growth in several directions. Its name comes from the jagged cylinder used in the trapiches to extract sugar from sugar cane.
Disclaimer: Due to the unique nature of the natural stone pieces, the exact color and patterns of the stones may vary slightly between earrings and pairs of earrings.

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